Self-made salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

We decided to do something special for our Christmas tree this year: self-made tree ornaments! A nice side effect, if you make them with your kids: they will love to cut and paint the cookies – but this time they won’t nibble from the dough, because it tastes too salty… 😀


1,5 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup salt

½ cup corn starch (prevents cracks when you bake it)

1 tablespoon oil

1 cup water

Cookie cutters


If you want:

Food coloring / acrylic paint, glitter, clear coat


Mix ingredients, knead like a normal dough and form or cut cookies.

Feels too moist? Add a little flour and salt. Too dry? Another tablespoon of water.

Salt dough should be used quickly.


If you like, you can already add food coloring to the dough (I used blue color in half my dough), but then you should already add it to the water before producing a dough. Otherwise you might get uneven stripes and patches.

Important: You should stab a little hole in your ornaments before drying and baking it. I used a shashlik skewer.

Let it dry over night, then bake at 100-120°C (=210-250°F) for 2 hours.

Let it cool and color with food color or (as in our case) acrylic paint, glitter (I mixed glitter with glue) and add clear coat if you like.

In our case we didn’t use any clear coat because we wanted a rough looking surface.

Now you can hang it on your tree. Hope it looks wonderful!


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