December Favorite

Thanks to my side job I had the opportunity to see Archive live at Substage in Karlsruhe. Every now and then I spent a night at a concert even though I am not working that night and listen to a band for a couple of minutes. Very seldom I stay the whole concert, but in this case I did stay until long after the show was over and the fans were gone.

“Again” is almost 17 minutes long and one of my favorite songs when it comes to my yoga playlist (I can’t stand the usual meditation and relaxation stuff) and “You Make Me Feel” is also a fixed component of my favorite playlist und one of the most-heard songs in my house these past weeks.

When it comes to Archives music: listen to it as loud as possible, fill the whole house with it – the sound is genius!

I can say the same about Archive being live on stage: partly trance-like, partly inciting to dance and at the moment (2017) they present an exceptionally good light and video show on their European tour  – even in smaller clubs!

My visit at their concert was planned only as a short stop-by (“Darling, I’ll be gone for half an hour”), extended to a stay of many hours (I returned around 3 o’clock in the morning), because I could not possibly leave during their show. Something like this happens very rarely!

Hardly any other band manages to keep me dancing in my own world for minutes without even realizing that I’m in the middle of a crowd of a few hundred people. When I talked to my colleagues and to two fans after the concert, I found out I hadn’t been the only one dancing in trance or in the clouds or wherever. So my personal “favorite” this month is firstly Archives concert show, but also their music and the guys themselves too – they are very nice!

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