February Favorite

Since it is still cold outside and raining a lot, I will reveal my no.1 favorite movie to you! I love “The Departed” since 10 years!

How could it not be a great movie with actors like Leonardo DiCaprio (he would’ve already deserved an Oscar for this role), Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson?

In this movie, you feel so deeply with DiCaprio, you hate Mark Wahlberg right from the start (he can’t even say “hello” without swearing! šŸ˜€ ) and Jack Nicholson is disgusting and scary… šŸ˜€

This movie is extremely thrilling, ocassionally even funny and has some really good shocks in it! The swearing is heavy throughout the whole film, I think someone even told me once that “The Departed” was selected to be one of the movies with the most curse words and insults ever.

My absolute favorite scene is actually from this movie. It’s the very famous “Cranberry Juice Scene”. Here ist is:

And then there’s the soundtrack: Dropkick Murphys, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd! Do I need to say more?

Here’s the movie trailer:



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