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If you need tipps regarding beach reads – here are a few of my favorite books just in time before vacation starts. Perfect, if you need something to “waste” your time during long flights (well, it’s not really wasted then…) and also if you stay at home and want to enjoy a good book on a sunbed in your garden… The following 3 books are also audio books. I loved them and I also liked the audio book speakers very much, which is absolutely essential to me:

1.The Nix by Nathan Hill (Narrator: Ari Fliakos)

A fantasticly written book, I almost wasn’t able to stop the audio, because I wanted to know what happened next! It’s a psychodrama between Samuel and his mother Faye, but also a slightly political and very realistic novel. It’s about love, betrayal, loss and a lot of fascinating mysteries from Fayes past. Through several retrospective views – for example: some flashbacks to the 1960s to his mothers youth and study time in Chicago and also into Samuels childhood – we learn more about this strange family and reveal some well kept secrets.

                                       © Photo:Penguin Random House

2. A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett

I listened to this audio book in German only, so I can’t tell you if the narrator is as good in English. The book itself would be worth a read!

This historic novel takes place in the 18th century in Schottland, in England and finally in Virginia and tells the story of Mack McAsh, a young miner, who wants to escape the hard life of slavery at the coal mines. Next to the historic scenery you also won’t miss tense excitement and romance and as always Ken Follett is superb at letting us enter a time where laws, virtue and behavior were so different than nowadays.

                                   © Photo: Pan Macmillan

3. Paris, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway (Narrator: John Bedford Lloyd)

I have already mentioned this book in my Paris article a few months ago. Hemingway writes about his early (not yet succesful, but still very happy) years, which he spent with his first wife in Paris in the 1920s – surrounded by other artists like Ezra Pound, F.Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce.

A Moveable Feast Hörbuch

©2009 the Hemingway Copyright Owners; (P)2009 Simon & Schuster, Inc


Enjoy! Have a great summer with some good stories and lots of sunshine, as well as -hopefully- a few nice summer rains to make the heat bearable…


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