October Favorite

That little crackling noise, when the needle meets the record and jumps into the correct groove, the low hissing right before the song starts to play…

Now that it’s slowly getting colder again we love to spend afternoons and evenings just sitting on our couch or lying down on the carpet on the floor while playing songs to introduce one another an exciting guitar riff, a thrilling beat or genius lyrics. Add a glass of red wine and this is an evening just the way we like it.

It feels a bit like diving into a different time – a time when the internet was not yet invented and just the mere thought of just pushing a button and receiving any song you like at any time and any place would’ve been extremely absurd. Almost as absurd as it is now to have always enough storage space and no more annoying updates…

Back then, the transition from tape to CD seemed exciting – now many of us do not even use CD’s anymore!

We almost always listen to music; in the car, at work, at home, during sports, when alone or the two of us together or with friends. Music is a crucial part of our everyday life, it intensifies our feelings and is the soundtrack of our own lives. Of course we, too, listen to music offered by current media and digital music providers, but every now and then we treat ourselves with “the real thing”; a vinyl record with its hissing and scratching and the raw, unfiltered sound of the almost entirely unedited, unprocessed voices and the rough sounding instruments.

Hence, this is my favorite of this year’s October – listening to vinyl records. We will now, in autumn and winter time, enjoy it even more. In case you need a suggestion, this record (Elvis Presley) sounds extraordinary good on the turntables:



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