Coconut Truffles

Everytime I bring these pralines and someone asks me, “Are they really homemade?” it makes me kind of happy 😀 And I’m even more delighted, when someone asks me for the recipe. Since both questions came up very often lately I will now share the recipe with you:

It is very easy to make and you only need 4 ingredients!


Ingredients (for 45-50 pieces):

200g whipping cream

350g white choclate

80g coconut fat

250g coconut flakes



Bring cream to a boil – slowly, it mustn’t burn. Meanwhile you can break the chocolate into pieces. As soon as you take the pot from the stove, you can add the chocolate and the coconut fat and melt it while stirring constantly. Fold in about 170g of the coconut flakes and keep the rest for later.

Cover the pot with a lid or some foil and pur it in the fridge for several hours – I suggest at least 2 hours. I usually let them cool over night and proceed the next day.

When the cream mixture turned hard, you can cut off small parts of the mass with a teaspoon and form small balls (wash your hands with cold water before), then turn them in coconut flakes and put the pralines in small paper cups.

Refrigerate again until shortly before you serve them, they taste the best when really cold.


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