Pancakes / Crêpes

Today we celebrate Mardi Gras (French), in English: Fat Tuesday, which is International Pancake Day as well and so today we should all binge on pancakes: This is my favorite and super easy recipe – perfect for beginners…



2 cups all-purpose flour

3 eggs

1 cup milk

¾ cup water (sparkling water)


coconut oil or butter

And if you like: Cheese (like Gouda)




Put the flour in a mixing bowl, form a little hollow in the middle of it and put the eggs inside. Stir the eggs little by little with some of the flour. You can either stir with a kitchen machine or a beater.

Mix slowly with more and more milk, always stir, until you have a smooth dough. You should stir heavely in case you are using a beater.

Then add the water (or sparkling water) – also bit by bit while stirring. The dough should become liquid. Add a little bit of salt.


Heat a pan, then put it on medium heat and rub it quickly with a paper towel and coconut oil or butter. Put a ladle of liquid dough in the pan and move the pan until it is fully covered (or use a spatula).


The upper side should still be a little wet, when you put the cheese on one half of the crêpe, then „close“ it with the second half and press the edges with the spatula. Then roast gently from both sides until golden brown.




I usually bake a few of these pancakes with cheese and a few „normal“ ones.

Pancakes are so good with cauliflower, homemade apple sauce, marmelade, lemon curd or just cinnamon & sugar.



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