Homemade apple sauce

It is super easy and healthy as well. Actually you only need a person that either loves you very much or a person that owes you: to cut all those apples… 😉


This way you not only have a way more healthy apple sauce than the one you buy in supermarkets, but also a very nice side effect: the whole apartment smells of warm apples…



2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons sugar

10-12 apples




Wash, core, peel and cut apples into small pieces (you can also try to make apple sauce with the skin, but in case you don’t have a hand blender handy, I wouldn’t recommend it).



Meanwhile heat coconut oil in a big pot (not too hot!) and add the sugar. Stir until it looks like the picture on the left side.

After 1-2 minutes turn down the heat and add the apple pieces.





If they start sticking (or burning), you might want to deglaze it. You can even use a little bit of water (I used our good calvados this time – do not tell him under any circumstances… :-D) and turn the heat down even more – it doesn’t need much.




Take your time cutting the remaining apples and stir them a little bit everytime you open the pot to add some more apple pieces. After 1.5 hours they should be very soft. Now you can use the hand blender to make it creamy and add some cinnamon (I used 1 tablespoon) .

In case you don’t have a hand mixer just squash it very much and maybe leave it on the stove a bit longer.





Rinse a jar with very hot water and put the apple sauce inside. Close the screw top and turn it upside down until it „clicks“.

Let it cool and put it in the fridge – unless you want to eat it right away, of course. It probably lasts a while in the fridge, but ours is always gone after a few days, hence I can’t really tell.



This apple sauce is perfect with pancakes, on homemade bread with salty butter underneath or you can use it to bake our favorite pie.

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