September Favorite

You may have noticed – I do not post a lot in summer time, neither on Facebook or Instagram nor on my blog. Life is too short and too beautiful outside when the sun is shining, so I am not even apologizing 😉

Of course I am sticking to my monthly favorite though. This one will be a very short one; Not because I want to go back outside but because there are next to no words needed to explain this one.

Its a song called “Dream Baby Dream”, covered by Bruce Springsteen. Although I am usually not too much into slow music, this one caught my attention. What also caught my attention is the music video. Imagine yourself standing in the crowd, getting goosebumps when Springsteen starts singing it and try to take it all in: the voice, the lyrics, the hope and despair in the eyes of some of the people in the audience…

Speaking of: Have a look at the girl at 00:35 and try to live in the music for a moment just like she does, let it touch you and bring you to tears, be open for every feeling it leaves behind in your soul. Only few people are able to compensate their feelings this way, to let it all out and to express their love with or through music or a song.

Honestly, whoever doesn’t get crushed deep inside by that guys expression at 1:00 is probably heartless! It’s kind of heartbreaking and it makes me wonder what his story is. I wish I knew…

I haven’t been on one of Springsteens concerts yet, but I will, next time he has a show in Germany or Europe. Since the sun just set and it is starting to rain a bit outside, I will now have a look at his documentary “How It Happened” and spend the evening swarming, because, I mean, all music, lyrics and stuff aside – isn’t he a super attractive old man? 😀

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