About me


My name is Bee, I’m a huge fan of great food, enjoyable company and horizon- broadening journeys.

I was born in West-Berlin, Germany, as the oldest of four siblings. I have a sister and two brothers who are not only my family but my best friends at the same time. We spend as much time together as possible and we all share a passion for food and travelling.

In January 2020 we welcomed our baby boy Lieven “Charlie” and our hearts are filled with love!

I spend most of my time in Karlsruhe (Germany) and in Normandy (France) and in between I have lived a few years in Palm Beach (US). I took my very first flight alone at the age of 4. And I still love it.

My latest job was in the music business. Not only since then: music and especially rock music plays a big role in my life.

Some more hobbies of mine: I enjoy going to concerts (when I’m not working there I enjoy it even more), I can stay for hours in our studio (wood), I love to spend a whole day on our boat or SUP-board on a lake or at the beach and I savour every cooking night or board game night with our friends/families.

In winter time I like to knit and sew a lot, however in spring/summer I try to spend every single second outside. I love to read (although meanwhile I changed to audio books, since I can do so much other stuff at the same time), to listen to good music (rock, alternative, progressive rock, indie…) and I love good movies.

And there are also some things I’m not good at: Patience (although I’m getting better…), I read product inserts when everything went wrong already and as soon as I see a goat there’s no sense of talking to me anymore, because I freak out a little bit.