Apple sauce pie


This is our absolute favorite pie. We always have all ingredients at home, come hell or high water!

Many of our friends asked for my recipe and I always said it’s my secret and I would never tell… I have a weak moment right now so I’m going to pass the secret since it is a very special day today:

German Apples Day…

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Red wine cake

True to the motto “I like to cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food…” I am baking a red wine cake today!


This recipe is absolutely wonderful for wintery afternoons, it fits perfectly in a Christmas menu since it is not as “heavy” and rich in content as a usual chocolate cake.

This red wine cake is very easy to do and you can already prepare it a few days up front, which could mean a lot less stress for your Christmas dinner.
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Last minute Christmas cookies

These Christmas cookies are made with only 4 ingredients!

Yeah, you heard right! Well… 4 ingredients without the icing. But even without it they are so yummie!


They can be made super fast and really easy.

So this recipe is not only perfect if you want to bake with kids, but also if you are very busy now before Christmas and don’t have much time left!
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Coconut macaroons

Another very easy recipe, this time a very “light” alternative regarding Christmas cookies.

I recommend this recipe for beginners or if you want to bake with children.

And of course: if you like the taste of coconut…

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Homemade apple sauce

It is super easy and healthy as well. Actually you only need a person that either loves you very much or a person that owes you: to cut all those apples… 😉

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