June Favorite

The Jezabels

The perfect soundtrack to dance through summer barefoot!

This is such a favorite band of mine. I discovered them in 2013, when I went to a concert with my dad because my mom couldn’t go at the last minute. What can I say: they swept me away! The singer has a stage presence; you just have to stop and stare (yeah… with my mouth open and all…) and you look at her singing and dancing as if she is not from this world.

Especially worth listening to are these songs:

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May Favorite

Matt Damon & Jason Bourne

Circa 2007 – Ok, just don’t look too close… (it was taken at a time I wish no pictures would exist from…) – just look at this handsome dude next to me 😀

Over the years we’ve met many famous people – sometimes just accidentally or due to two of my previous jobs – but we crossed paths with Matt Damon several times and he made a lasting impression.

Not just because
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<3 A few days in South-Tyrol <3

Could there be anything better for a city brat than being surrounded by (almost) nothing but nature? Absolutely not.

Especially when one of the goats of the estate in Brixen (Bressanone) – where we usually stay at for 2-3 days when driving home from Italy to Germany – has just welcomed a baby goat.

To me as a huge goat-fan this is heaven! Even last nights newborn donkey isn’t really interesting to me, although I have to admit he looks very cute trying to jump and walk looking so clumsy. People who know me know how I drop everything the moment I see a goat and I am not responsive anymore… It can be a bit upsetting for someone
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April Favorite

Last week was UNESCO world poetry day and in the morning I spent a while in my car at the office parking lot listening to some funny poems on the radio. And yes, I admit it, I’m a little bit of a romantic (I really am!) and so that day I was in the mood again to read a few poems.

This led to my April favorite: tadaaa… 
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A wild stay in Orlandooo!

Over the past years we did a few trips to Orlando : the first one was already 12 years ago – back then at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Animal Kingdom, Epcot etc. One week we went to every park, stayed at the Swan & Dolphin Resort (awesome!) and celebrated my little sisters 18th birthday at the beautiful pool area of these hotels.

Not knowing that Florida has a few very weird laws, we even broke one: In Florida it is illegal to
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March Favorite

Manchester By The Sea

Wow. Last night I finally watched “Manchester By The Sea” and I’m still in this “mood”… A bit tough since I’m back in the office this morning. It’s hard to explain but if you saw this movie you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So how could I tell you about this movie without telling too much…? Probably not at all…

Just a few words:

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Valentine’s Day Card

You don’t have a gift for you Valentine yet? Or does “we don’t do Valentine’s Day anymore” sound familiar to you?

And if you say “I don’t want to support the whole commercial consumption, I rather buy something nice for my huney any other day of the year…” do you really mean it and do it?

I’m not a huge fan of buying (or receiving) flowers and overpriced gifts for Valentine’s Day either, so maybe this card with woven hearts (“Danish hearts”) is a nice idea for you, too:


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I am a really lucky girl: my boyfriend asks me to come on tour with him every time I can get a few days off. Since I love Paris I didn’t hesitate a single second this time when he asked me if I’d like to come with him to spend a week there!

During my German-French apprenticeship I had already lived a few weeks in Paris and whenever I can do a stop-over or a little weekend trip I enjoy being in the capital city of France.
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January Favorite

Audiobook/book: Only Time Will Tell (Clifton-Chronicles) by Jeffrey Archer.

For several years now I’m an enthusiastic audiobook listener, because I fall asleep when I’m reading almost immediately and it takes me months to finish a book this way.

Audiobooks are great though (well, I shouldn’t say this as the daughter of a Scientific Librarian…)
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