May Favorite

Matt Damon & Jason Bourne

Circa 2007 – Ok, just don’t look too close… (it was taken at a time I wish no pictures would exist from…) – just look at this handsome dude next to me 😀

Over the years we’ve met many famous people – sometimes just accidentally or due to two of my previous jobs – but we crossed paths with Matt Damon several times and he made a lasting impression.

Not just because
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<3 A few days in South-Tyrol <3

Could there be anything better for a city brat than being surrounded by (almost) nothing but nature? Absolutely not.

Especially when one of the goats of the estate in Brixen (Bressanone) – where we usually stay at for 2-3 days when driving home from Italy to Germany – has just welcomed a baby goat.

To me as a huge goat-fan this is heaven! Even last nights newborn donkey isn’t really interesting to me, although I have to admit he looks very cute trying to jump and walk looking so clumsy. People who know me know how I drop everything the moment I see a goat and I am not responsive anymore… It can be a bit upsetting for someone
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April Favorite

Last week was UNESCO world poetry day and in the morning I spent a while in my car at the office parking lot listening to some funny poems on the radio. And yes, I admit it, I’m a little bit of a romantic (I really am!) and so that day I was in the mood again to read a few poems.

This led to my April favorite: tadaaa… 
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A wild stay in Orlandooo!

Over the past years we did a few trips to Orlando : the first one was already 12 years ago – back then at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Animal Kingdom, Epcot etc. One week we went to every park, stayed at the Swan & Dolphin Resort (awesome!) and celebrated my little sisters 18th birthday at the beautiful pool area of these hotels.

Not knowing that Florida has a few very weird laws, we even broke one: In Florida it is illegal to
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March Favorite

Manchester By The Sea

Wow. Last night I finally watched “Manchester By The Sea” and I’m still in this “mood”… A bit tough since I’m back in the office this morning. It’s hard to explain but if you saw this movie you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So how could I tell you about this movie without telling too much…? Probably not at all…

Just a few words:

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Valentine’s Day Card

You don’t have a gift for you Valentine yet? Or does “we don’t do Valentine’s Day anymore” sound familiar to you?

And if you say “I don’t want to support the whole commercial consumption, I rather buy something nice for my huney any other day of the year…” do you really mean it and do it?

I’m not a huge fan of buying (or receiving) flowers and overpriced gifts for Valentine’s Day either, so maybe this card with woven hearts (“Danish hearts”) is a nice idea for you, too:


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I am a really lucky girl: my boyfriend asks me to come on tour with him every time I can get a few days off. Since I love Paris I didn’t hesitate a single second this time when he asked me if I’d like to come with him to spend a week there!

During my German-French apprenticeship I had already lived a few weeks in Paris and whenever I can do a stop-over or a little weekend trip I enjoy being in the capital city of France.
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January Favorite

Audiobook/book: Only Time Will Tell (Clifton-Chronicles) by Jeffrey Archer.

For several years now I’m an enthusiastic audiobook listener, because I fall asleep when I’m reading almost immediately and it takes me months to finish a book this way.

Audiobooks are great though (well, I shouldn’t say this as the daughter of a Scientific Librarian…)
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Self-made salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

We decided to do something special for our Christmas tree this year: self-made tree ornaments! A nice side effect, if you make them with your kids: they will love to cut and paint the cookies – but this time they won’t nibble from the dough, because it tastes too salty… 😀
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