August Favorite

Can a person actually look even more handsome in real life than in a movie or in a commercial? Uhm…YES!

Josh Hartnett is absolutely adorable – but what can I say you didn’t already know?

We met him at our second place of residence: in Normandy, France. My mom, my sister and I had our first Aperitif this morning, he was drinking his espresso. And then something weird happend: he introduced himself to us: “Hi, I’m Josh.”

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February Favorite

Since it is still cold outside and raining a lot, I will reveal my no.1 favorite movie to you! I love “The Departed” since 10 years!

How could it not be a great movie with actors like Leonardo DiCaprio (he would’ve already deserved an Oscar for this role), Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson?

In this movie, you feel so deeply with DiCaprio, you hate Mark Wahlberg right from the start (he can’t even say “hello” without swearing! 😀 ) and Jack Nicholson is disgusting and scary… 😀

This movie is extremely thrilling, ocassionally even funny and has some really good shocks in it! The swearing is heavy throughout the whole film, I think someone even told me once that
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January Favorite

What do I like to do most when it’s cold outside?

  1. Not leaving the house
  2. Watching movies

Therefore I have a really good recommendation for you this month: it is a movie I’ve seen six years ago for the first (but not last) time. A movie, that has great actors, a bit of action, some drama and even a pinch of romance in it – and is called a “British independent crime noir film”.

And if that’s not enough said to rush to your couch and watch it immediately, then I have two names for you: “Girls: Colin Farrell!” and “Guys: Keira Knightley!”

And the title of this movie is…
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December Favorite

Thanks to my side job I had the opportunity to see Archive live at Substage in Karlsruhe. Every now and then I spent a night at a concert even though I am not working that night and listen to a band for a couple of minutes. Very seldom I stay the whole concert, but in this case I did stay until long after the show was over and the fans were gone.

“Again” is almost 17 minutes long and one of my favorite songs when it comes to my yoga playlist (I can’t stand the usual meditation and relaxation stuff) and “You Make Me Feel” is also a fixed component of my favorite playlist und one of the most-heard songs in my house these past weeks.

When it comes to Archives music: listen to it as loud as possible, fill the whole house with it – the sound is genius!

I can say the same about
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November Favorite

Since there is nothing more beautiful than having a long stroll in the woods on a sunny autumn day, I have a few recommendations again regarding books and audio books! Enjoy a good, creepy or thrilling story while walking through colorful leaves.

These are my favorites this month:


1. The Analyst by John Katzenbach (I don’t know if there’s an audio book in English)

tension, a real nightmare and pure thrills!

© Penguin Random House

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October Favorite

That little crackling noise, when the needle meets the record and jumps into the correct groove, the low hissing right before the song starts to play…

Now that it’s slowly getting colder again we love to spend
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September Favorite

You may have noticed – I do not post a lot in summer time, neither on Facebook or Instagram nor on my blog. Life is too short and too beautiful outside when the sun is shining, so I am not even apologizing 😉

Of course I am sticking to my monthly favorite though. This one will be a very short one; Not because I want to go back outside but because there are next to no words needed to explain this one.
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August Favorite

We’ve all seen the movie, but have you read the book?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas… It’s like a diary, a confession and a comedy in one book.

Try picturing this: you sit outside a coffee shop – totally sober – and you read a book that makes you laugh so hard, you are weeping and grunting until other customers start to complain. It’s that kind of book.

                                                           © Photo: Penguin Random House


Since my humor is kind of “limited”, (which means, there are many things others might find funny but all I have left is a weary smile) it’s a very seldom thing for me to say something like this. Funny books a often worn out, too much over the top, no new jokes and – I mean – of course I am laughing about funny things in movies, but when was the last time you were laughing because of a book?! Yup… same here.

I guess I don’t have to tell you anything about the content of this book. Just to remind you: Two very druggend guys make a trip to Vegas – Thompson and “his lawyer”. We probably all remember the bat-scene….

Have fun!

July Favorite

If you need tipps regarding beach reads – here are a few of my favorite books just in time before vacation starts. Perfect, if you need something to “waste” your time during long flights (well, it’s not really wasted then…) and also if you stay at home and want to enjoy a good book on a sunbed in your garden… The following 3 books are also audio books. I loved them and I also liked the audio book speakers very much, which is absolutely essential to me:
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June Favorite

The Jezabels

The perfect soundtrack to dance through summer barefoot!

This is such a favorite band of mine. I discovered them in 2013, when I went to a concert with my dad because my mom couldn’t go at the last minute. What can I say: they swept me away! The singer has a stage presence; you just have to stop and stare (yeah… with my mouth open and all…) and you look at her singing and dancing as if she is not from this world.

Especially worth listening to are these songs:

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